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People & Lists

Three things you need to know about lists:

      Lists Are a Highly Effective Communication Tool
  1. Human beings simply love lists (we are drawn to them)
  2. 20-30% of all blog/media content use a list-based metaphor because they are proven to draw traffic and engage audences (see point i)
  3. Without love lists quickly age and as such the value of your list “content” decays

Today’s lists are static text-based content. They don’t stand the test of time and despite the fact people love lists, the concept of lists has not been reinvented for the participation age. Today everyone expects to be able to contribute, comment and vote. Humans love to give and receive feedback

Along comes Listly, turning static lists into rich interactive content. Lists that can be embedded easily in many locations across the web, but where reaction and community are centralized.

With community comes curation (or rather co-curation), which means lists thrive.

That’s Listly. A curation platform and community for creating lists that are truly worth sharing.

And as of December 2011 I joined as co-founder to help make this vision a reality.

It’s going to be a fun journey. Come along for the ride