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About Nick

Nick Kellet plays with the future and it plays back. He’s a creator and curator of ideas.

Nick believes that passion in the company of friends and community is an unstoppable force. He’s always been an innovator with heartfelt enthusiasm for every new project he touches.

As co-founder of, Nick is actively shaping how people think, feel and experience curation. He believes curation should be as much about listening and engaging as it is about publishing and the tools themselves.

Publishing used to mean a moment in time, an event. Today content needs to live and morph long beyond the “publish” moment – content has a lifecycle. Crowd and search play significant roles in the find-ability and the interestingness of your content. Social curation lets you embrace this new norm.

Nick has created companies in the B2B and the B2C domains and is as inspired by the challenge of creating new categories as curating old ones.

In the business intelligence space, he created a visual segmentation tool, called Set Analyzer, building on the work of Reverend Venn and George Boole, proving that you can curate new ideas to form new ones. As people still struggle with the complexities of Boolean logic, pairing it with the visual Venn diagram created a much simpler way to display data selection and segmentation. Set Analyzer was acquired by Business Objects, now SAP.

In the board game space he created and self-published GiftTRAP, an award winning game, translated in 12 languages, that gamifies the act of gift-exchange. GiftTRAP has won 20+ awards globally, including winning a Spiel des Jahres award – the board game equivalent of an Oscar.

He has a record for making good bets and predictions and an uncanny ability to capture thoughts in 140 characters. You can follow him on

Social Networks: Twitter @nickkellet or connect via LinkedIn Facebook or G+

Media/Content Platforms: Slideshare, Listly, Instagram, YouTube