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Infosnackers: Content Strategy Talk [Video] at Lavacon 2014

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You can’t fight the info-snacking culture. It’s easier to feed the beast than to deny it. You need to know what people like to consume (and share). Today many people share stuff they haven’t fully read or watched.  Sharing has become projection of our own brand. This applies to brands as much as consumers.

Consumers and brands seek their own happy balance between consuming and creating/sharing. We have all become mindful of the image we project.

Consumers are as metric focussed as brands. Millennials will change behaviour to get more likes, just like brands.

We all love to snack. We skim and click for the fear or missing out. We want to stay current and to feel we can add value to our social exchanges.

Beware indigestion. Give people manageable portions. Beware skimmers. People will make their own small portions. In this case you lose control of knowing what was consumed.

Are you losing control of your content? Or are you enabling others to take control. Are you making yourself findable, accessible and shareable? These are hard brand challenges.

You can’t fight the fact that today’s consumer, for the most part, wants a self-service experience.

The 1% rule is the norm. We should only expect 1% of your active community to create original content. 90% of people consume or lurk in any given community. It’s more like 99.9% of the total population that are passive.

Are you experimenting with real time content or are you still thinking/acting like Guttenberg? Is publishing still a big deal for your company/brand?

Are you actively enticing Lurkers? If not why not?

I experiment daily with short form and hybrid media.

I published slides exploring what’s next for POEM and I proposed a new acronym SCOPE. This was really well received and has seen 10k+ views to-date.

I spoke at Lavacon, a content strategy conference. I was lucky enough that my session got picked to be on the video track, so now I share the edited videos from my talk . I sliced the video into the 7 sections of my talk so you can jump in based on what grabs your curiosity.

Here’s the 7 videos as a list (a great example of hybrid media and designing for reuse)


Short-form, Ephemeral + Realtime Content

Oct 23, 2014 - - 3
Short-form, Ephemeral + Realtime Content

You can’t force people to consume content linearly. That’s part of the self-service ethos. People crave multiple entry point to your story. They want to engage on their terms on their timeline. We each uncover needs at are own pace. We own our own pririties.

You can’t assume that any two people will absorb and take away the same meaning from your content.

You need to embrace this reality. You need to entice people to come on your journey with you.

Here’s my slides from Lavacon.

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