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7 Ways Media Platforms Amplify Blogs / Curation

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 by in ThiNK First | 8 comments

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I connected with Gerry Moran yesterday via Linkedin.  I read and liked this post from his Marketing Blog. I got inspired and repurposed his list into a Listly (“text as list”). His original list was simply text inside his blog post – what I call “list as text”). It was a list, but it wasn’t media. Just text. There’s a difference.

Today we’d not consider hosting our own video. Media Platforms like YouTube have unique qualities.

Content vs Media

My big point is the list wasn’t media. It was simply text. Content can take on many forms: slides, videoes, text, lists, podcasts etc. Content is made up of Media (sometimes many forms of media – this post contains three types of media, for example).

And today Media is best served by Media Platforms. We are used to Slideshare, YouTube, Instagram. Flickr and Soundcloud. Listly is just an extension of this trend. Listly is a peer to these platform. Are you leveraging of POEM/SCOPE? Media Platform are a huge enabler for Paid & Earned Media.

This is Work

You’ll need to read and explore to fully get this. As I say – this is work. The good stuff is. If you don’t know why POEM matters you’ll be glad you dug deep. Go grab a coffee.

Back to my story.

A Welcome Gift

I sometimes make lists for people when we first meet or discuss Listly. I do it because making a list of their content get us closer. They understand their content. Their content makes it easier for them to understand

I thought I could enhance Gerry’s original content by creating cool images for each item.  I exported them my Keynote by “Save as Images”.  I then loaded the images to the list. They looked great.

I often gift the list to their account on Listly. It’s fun and it lets me see test Listly through a unique lens (fitting existing content into Listly’s world).

Curation : The Quick Way Vs RePurposing: The Right Way

I used the Listly Chrome Extension and I’d made a list in under 2 minutes with all the text extracted from his post automatically. That was a powerful example of curation.

Not repurposing & not using Media Platform is missing out. Really curation and Repurposing combine. In the same way Blogging and Repurposing combine.

It’s like leaving cash on the table in a deal. You are missing a quick win, if you aren’t using Media. Read on and I’ll explain.

The purpose of this post is not to highlight the value of curation, more to communicate that if you aren’t repurposing you are missing out.

I called it Hybrid Media. I’ve heard Jay Baer talk about it a lot lately.

Repurpose as a List

Here’s the the list with pagination set to 1 (Slideshow Mode). Controlling pagination size is a new Listly premium feature. It lets your list take up just as much (or as little) space as you like. You can paginate in any or the multiple layouts (and they all respond nicely on Desktop, Mobile & Tablets – the tech term is “responsive content”). Here’s I’m using Magazine layout. Check out the embed preview here. Check out the customization options.

Jan 21, 2015 - - 0
Be open to reinventing your marketing approach completely.
If there is ever a sacred cow in the brand strategy room, it’s content creation – who owns it, who deploys it, who measure it? Modern Marketers need to consider killing their current approach to customer contact with relevant content. Focus on creating content that customers want to read. And, manage the right metrics to understand its business impact. Measuring content and connection success from the ground up – the connecting awareness, consideration and conversion business impact will translate into a winning business strategy.

Click on next/previous to flip to navigate the list.

Repurpose as a Slides

I also made a Slideshare (I simply uploaded my keynote (saved as a pdf) ). That was for free (zero extra effort). If you design/plan for it, reuse should be effortless.

Two Work Harder Than None

If the text remained in the blog post it works alone. No help.  There’s only one place it can be found. Few blogs are destination sites, so you are fighting with the masses for page rank on Google. Media Platforms offer you new places to be found, ways that aren’t fixated on Google algorithm changes. Media Platforms are “Search Destination” sites. People go there to find stuff. Eg YouTube is the No2 search site (YouTube may be owned by Google, but they are not the same). Slideshare is another Media Platform and another destination search site.

  • Linkedin is Social Network that owns a Media Platform (Slideshare).
  • Facebook is a Social Network that owns Instagram (a Media Platform).

Here’s the rankings of key media platforms search sites (via Intuit). This is far from an exhaustive list, but it proves my point. Content attracts people. People share share content.

Media Platforms - Destination Search Site - Traffic Ranking by Volume (via

This graphic should give you some more ideas. More Media Platforms. They can get very specialist – eg (30k+ board games – 2800 on Alexa – that’s a lot of content and a lot of traffic).

I quickly added 2 great ways to repurpose. The Listly could then be shared via Scoopit. or for example. There’s crossover between Media Platforms and Curation Platforms. If you don’t put your content on these platforms you are forcing people to find you and you could fail while waiting for that to happen.

Create/Curate Vs RePurpose

It made me think. Was I creatingcurating or repurposing. In my mind I was repurposing. I added value, I make Gerry’s content more visual, I also showed how simple it is to transform content into other forms of media.  In took 30 minutes. This post took longer.  Once I stepped into outputting 2 or more versions I was repurposing. I always author for repurposing. The proof of the benefit will be in 6-9 months time, sometimes longer. Then we can compare the views on the post, the views on the slides and the views on the list.

Did anyone else re-embed this content (aka Earned Media). Perhaps someone mentioned it or linked to it (another form of Earned Media). Perhaps people just shared it.  These are all small ways in which friction is removed.

Which Content Works Best? How do we learn?.

I can’t tell you which lists will work. Which slides will go viral? Which images will attract attention? I’ve no idea (I’d challenge anyone who claims otherwise). I work. I hone. I get better. I can guess, but there’s no guarantees.

I don’t try to guess. I let people decide. One big reason you repurpose is because people can then find you on their platform of choice. Some love video, some slides, some text. We all learning our own unique ways. Set your ideas free. You’ll see how and why they land in different ways. Your content won’t do this if it only resides on your blog.

Best Practice: Repurposing Gives You Reach.

Curation is great, but repurposing is smarter. It’s more a spider’s web. More places your content can go. More ways to let people find their way back to you. Media platforms get you more traffic and help you build your brand. Ignore them at your peril. That’s my advice.

This is strongly my view of best practice, i.e. author once, repurpose many times across multiple forms of media.

Putting text in a list in blog post is missing out. Slideshare, Listly, Instagram and other Media Platforms like YouTube are all search destination sites. ie people go there to find things. That means they don’t goto Google and therefore it means they won’t find you.

I’ve shown two ways to reuse this content. It’s another form of curation. There is an obvious third. I made the quote/list graphics square so I could easily share via Instagram. I purposely authored the content in a square format to make this easy.

I authored once. I repurposed three times.

OK, so technically, I borrowed once. Thanks Gerry for being my guinea pig. I’m looking forward talking.

Are you making the most of repurposing? Do you have a blind spot for understanding why Media Platforms work so well? I find many people do.

Read on. Let me explain. First a little more on Hybrid Media.

42 Types of Hybrid Media

I’ve called this Hybrid Media, ie when you express one form of media as another. There’s 42 types of hybrid media in total. Here’s the three I used.

  • Text as a Listly
  • List as Slideshare
  • List as Infographics

Here’s one more example – Videos as a List. I took my talk from Lavacon and spliced it into 7 short clips. It made is much more accessible as a Listly Media Playlist.


Short-form, Ephemeral + Realtime Content

Oct 23, 2014 - - 3
Short-form, Ephemeral + Realtime Content

7 Reasons Why RePurposing Amplify Blogging / Curating.

Finally, I document 7 reasons why it’s more effective to place your content on Media Platforms in this deck.

It’s not an accident, but the trend and rise of Media Platform is missed by many. We use media without thinking about why.

I made this deck to try to explain this thinking.

Thoughts? Do you see and treat Social Networks different than Media Platforms? Which Media Platforms do you use and why? Have you tried @Listly?

From my experience the real value on Media Networks comes once you create a body of work.

Nick Kellet (164 Posts)

Nick is co-founder the social curation platform Listly, that combines crowdsourcing, content curation and embedable lists to drive high-level community engagement, live inside your blog posts. Connect with Nick on Twitter · Linkedin, Facebook and G+ and follow his writing via his other guest posts and on his blogs at and


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