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Stop Sign Mindset: 11 Ways to Change Your Thinking in 2013

Posted on Dec 21, 2012 by in ThiNK First | 2 comments


It’s time.

It’s time to stop stopping. Don’t stop yourself, let go.

It’s time to start and enable tomorrow.

It’s time to wisely pick the metaphors you embrace.

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How about you?

What will you stop in 2013?

What will you start? What will you ignite. Who will you inspire. Who will quote you as a source of inspiration.

It’s time to stop being a consumer and accept that everyone can create. Everyone can be a producer.

How will you create your destiny in 2013? Right now I’m thinking about #mythreewords for 2013 inspired by Chris Brogan. My three words of 2012 were I Love You.

If I haven’t done so yet I aim to come back to this list and write a blog post on each item in the list. Some I have ready done. Some are in draft and some are just floating as ideas in the ether.

What are you going to stop stopping in 2013?

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Thanks, you should tag the list items as the order can change:) @MeetaWFLH @nickkellet <--- Love this esp. 1, 3, 4, 8


Thanks:) @susannedeitzel Good Ones! - Stop Sign Mindset: 11 Ways to Change Your Thinking in 2013 via @nickkellet