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The Game of Life: Are we playing Snap or Trumps?

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 by in ThiNK First | 4 comments


For my non-British friends, Snap is a card game in which you win by matching unlike Top Trumps where you win by having more.

Come Unify & Play Social Snap : That’s what Community Means.  Come unify.  Matching not trumping.

We don’t want to be unique, not really, not deep inside. We want to play social snap.

  • We may try to be distinctive.
  • We may perceive we are different.

But are we unique? Really unique? Not wishing to burst you bubble, but…

Do you really want to be unique? Or do you want to find other people like you?

We may seek to find ourselves and in so doing, feel we’re putting ourselves out on a limb.

That’s the funny thing about unity. Self expression unifies us.

Community forms when we gather with other people who love or suffer like we do.

  • Sometimes we unify around challenges. Hurricane Sandy would be a good example.
  • Sometimes we unify around joy. A birth or a wedding would be a great example
  • Sometimes we unify around passions. Like a group strangers bonding at a sporting event.

The source of the unification is not important. Humans are built, wired to collaborate. Unity is in our veins. Community is what’s held us together all this sure. Sure, it’s what’s divided us too. That is life.

Community ebbs and flows. We bond then diverge, but we always reform, reunify in new or old ways.

Declaring the real you makes it easy for others to find their soul mates, their best friends and their community.

We all need community. We’re not built to be alone. We exist in many communities. Chances are, you need a handful of core communities. No community needs to be a perfect match.

  • I live in Kelowna
  • I’m Canadian and a Brit
  • I’m a board gamer
  • I’m a board game publisher
  • I’m a blogger, a startup guy
  • I’m left handed, an innovator
  • I’m a snowboarder, a wakeboarder
  • I hate watching sports
  • I’m a runner
  • I’m a Dad
  • I’m a social media fan
  • I love wine.
  • I love indie movies

When you stand on a limb, you are not alone. In a world of billions, you can find the community that’s just right for you.

You just have to find all the people who are as un-unique as you.

Punks felt so special, so unique, so rebellious. It took courage to be a punk. I can’t say I tried it, but I believe it did. But then I went to London and saw crowds of Punks hanging out on the Kings road. They didn’t look so different then. That image of individuality has stuck with me ever since.

I’ve stood on the fringe, on the limb of life on many occasions. I know it feels lonely.

That’s the joy of social.

We’re unique in our community of millions. There’s lots of people like you. You just have to express yourself to find others like you.

By being unique in an age of social, you invite people in.

You invite people to be like you, or to play their hand.

To play social snap! That’s me. I do that. I’m like you. We’re two, then three, then dozens and hundreds and thousands.

You have to give unity or community a chance.

To unify you first need to take a brave step and express your vulnerability, you uniqueness.

  • Signin up for a dating site
  • Joining a book club
  • Attending Yoga.
  • Seeking out a game club
  • Going to a startup weekend
  • Finding how to help when a disaster strikes

These are all steps we take to stand alone and in so doing, we stand together.

You can unify online or off.

  • Community exists online as much as it does off.
  • Community exists where you want to find it.
  • Community is what you make it.
  • Community is as big or as small as you like.

We live in a world of influence preference. Community is about flushing out just the right people and causes for you.

  • If that’s helping at your local foodbank, great.
  • If that’s volunteering to judge or coach local students,great.
  • If that’s listening to start up pitches, great.

Just be you. Just find the real you. Live it. And others like you will find you too.

Image Credit: kkoshy via and Creative Commons

Nick Kellet (164 Posts)

Nick is co-founder the social curation platform Listly, that combines crowdsourcing, content curation and embedable lists to drive high-level community engagement, live inside your blog posts. Connect with Nick on Twitter · Linkedin, Facebook and G+ and follow his writing via his other guest posts and on his blogs at and


  1. Some interesting insights here. Thank you. I think I’ll spend today devising some method of using them to find a community where I belong.

    • JackDurish It’s funny how many we communities we can have. And probably how we don’t really plan how we spend out time amongst our different communities. Thanks for commenting. Good luck with your plan:)

  2. I’m not sure if this means the same thing ~ I invite people to compliment me (I don’t mean pay compliments either) BUT add hills to my valleys or desert to my water…… we can grow things together….
    I love the one line paragraphs….I’ll have to try that:-)

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