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A simple promise to YOU the consumer

Posted on May 12, 2012 by in ThiNK First | 0 comments

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Fresh back from #sobcon I’ve been exploring a better way to articulate Listly’s purpose in a way that’s simple emotional and inspiring.  I’ve now written three posts

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Nick Kellet

Listly's Purpose - Inspired by @SandersSays and #sobcon

I went to a conference called #sobcon and did a lot of work around purpose.

I've just concluded 3 posts on this topic for Listly

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  1. 1  Publisher Multiplication. Social Space = Content x Community x Engagement

    Publisher Multiplication. Social Space = Content x Community x Engagement

    More traffic, engagement, control, exposure, collaboration, content & longevity. Less work, friction, lurkers, getting lost & feeding Facebook et al

  2. 2  Ask not what Lists do for you. Ask how Lists makes you feel!

    Ask not what Lists do for you. Ask how Lists makes you feel!

    Lists helps YOU... Find, define & amplify your passion > PASSIONATE Be smart. Get smarter > WORTHY Cultivate friendship & community > CONNECTED

  3. 3  Have you begun shift to Prosumerism? Producer = Consumer = New Normal

    Have you begun shift to Prosumerism? Producer = Consumer = New Normal

    Consumers = Producers. Long live the ProSumer! Everyone = Publisher. Everyone = Consumer. Consumers want to create & contribute inside your post. Now!

I’m seeking a purpose that you’d want to be part of. At a high level Listly’s purpose is to accelerate the idea that everyone is a publisher and that everyone is a consumer. My next step is to drill deeper into the consumer mindset.

So this is my take on our purpose for the consumer – the person who simply wishes to read, vote and contribute to lists.

Consumer Purpose

Listly makes a simple promise to YOU the list consumer

Listly will help YOU…

That’s it. Three things that express how lists make you feel.

Worthy, Connected & Passionate.

By way of a reference, I keep being drawn back to watch this video and talk by Google’s Mike Yapp.  I seriously recommend watching the video and reading the slides. I must have watched it 5+ times. I keep finding new things and new appreciations.

Mike talks a lot about “Utility”, being useful, being valuable, having purpose. He talks a lot about how consumers want …

  • to be entertained
  • to be informed
  • to be provided utility

For me this maps closely to Listly. Lists have amazingly high utility. They are informative and entertaining.

I think one thing Mike missed was the humanity of content. We want to feel connected. We want to be part of something larger. We want to belong. These emotional needs can be fulfilled by a combination of content and community.

Listly is all about connecting people around their passions, all about making connections and finding people who care about the same things as you. I’m not sure I’ve totally nailed Listly’s “Purpose” in the hearts of the consumer, but it’s getting closer –  more emotional.

Ask not what Listly does for you. Ask how Listly makes you feel!

What say you?

Here’s a poll I ran a while back to discover how you felt about the value of lists. It feels relevant to this discussion. Take a moment to vote and contribute to the list.

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Nick Kellet

26 Facets of Social Lists - Marketing Tips for Social List Makers

Social Lists is an emerging category in content marketing. Social Lists have many interesting properties. What's the best way to introduce a list of list properties? A Social List, of course.

Perhaps you have another property, feel free to add to the list. And vote on the items you like and dislike.


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    Lists form communities. Lists flush out people with common interests -the Lurkers. Lists spawn conversations and connections beyond the list. More lists, more connections means more community - see Metcalfe's Law

  2. 2  LIFE


    Lists add structure to life - Baby name lists, to-do lists, bucket lists. List metaphors live with us through each day. We all get lists.



    Lists are content marketing with a twist. No they are not white papers. Nor e-books. Lists are not webinars, microsites nor podcasts. Lists aren't even emails, videos or magazines. List can be all and none of these. Lists are as much a medium as a content form.



    Lists are quick to consume. Lists quickly let us validate our knowledge and fill in the gaps. It's all about the content. This is why bloggers and publishers love lists.

  5. 5  Engagement


    if you can get someone to interact and comment on a list you might extract them from the Lurker pool.

  6. 6  FUN


    Lists totally can be fun. You can make a serious topic fun, by how you pick the images and how you write up the items and by the blog posts you place them in. Lists are what you make them.



    Lists ooze social proof. Curators, Reactions, Views, Embeds. Crowd-smarts help you decide which lists to explore.

  8. 8  NICHE


    lists are niche. List can be just for you, for 10 people or 10,000. Today with the web 10,000 people can still be a niche.

  9. 9  VIRAL


    Lists are interesting to others, especially crowd-sourced lists. The crowds make it so. Lists are easy to share. Lists encourage you to leave you mark. And when you own a piece of a list, you want to share it more. Rinse and repeat.

  10. 10  NOMADIC


    Lists travel. Lists can live both on Listly and on multiple blogs. A list's crowd travels (as do their votes, reactions & comments).



    Lists have their own life and their own story. Some start quickly and grow fast, while others take longer to catch fire - resulting from a mix of topic, curators and timing. Every list has it's day. Lists are highly shareable.



    You can do most things with a list - ask questions, ask for help/advice. It's one metaphor with many applications.

  13. 13  EMBEDDABLE


    Lists can be embedded in any blog that supports "script" tags. Each embedded list provides a backlink from Listly to the Embedded blog. This fact alone makes Listly with exploring.

  14. 14  INCOMPLETE


    Yes, lists are never complete. There I said it. It's a strength not a weakness. Someone somewhere can always add something and that's what keeps them interesting.

  15. 15  Human


    Lists speak to our human need to make sense of things - to organize and to categorize, to create and analyze patterns, to break things down into parts, and to seek simplicity.

  16. 16  ANCHORED


    While they can move, lists have an anchor. A host, a lead set of curators and a Credit URL to which they drive traffic.

  17. 17  SYNERGY


    1+1 = 3. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You get out what you put in and more besides. You need to prime lists, you need to share them, you need to nurture them, but they deliver a great return.

  18. 18  FINDABLE


    Lists are keyword rich and therefore Lists are SEO heaven. Lists are crowd-sourced by experts. Lists can also be crowd-ranked or crowd-sorted. Lists are filtering devices.

  19. 19  MASS MARKET

    • List are universal. Lists are a metaphor for life. 30% of content uses a list-like metaphor to tell their story. You can't get much more mass market than that.
  20. 20  ACCIDENTAL


    Lists are quite often serendipity in action. One thought triggers another. As if by accident a crowd can form around a topic. Yes, lists are accidents, accidents waiting to happen. Accidents you can create.

  21. 21  TIMEBOMBS


    Normal HTML text lists "rot" from the moment you unleash them on the world. Listly lists are different - primed to explode into action and social engagement at any moment. Lists are social timebombs.

  22. 22  EXPRESSIVE


    Lists are the simplest form of self-expression. Lists are what you love and hate. Lists are your thoughts and feelings. Lists are how you choose to express you personal views (aka your preference graph).

  23. 23  QUESTIONS


    Lists are Trojan horses. Post a list as a question and what you get is an answer. Lists are what you make them.



    You can see everything and that's the appeal. The social proof is there for all to see.

  25. 25  ETERNAL


    Lists live forever. So they bring a lifetime of traffic. The mental investment model is very different from a Tweet of a curated story. Lists are never finished, but that's another point.

Nick Kellet (149 Posts)

Nick is co-founder the social curation platform Listly, that combines crowdsourcing, content curation and embedable lists to drive high-level community engagement, live inside your blog posts. Connect with Nick on Twitter · Linkedin, Facebook and G+ and follow his writing via his other guest posts and on his blogs at and



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